Engineering eggcellence


When American toy company GoldieBlox tried to launch a range of engineering and building toys for girls, the rest of the industry said no one would be interested. They were wrong. For its first product launch seven months ago GoldieBlox raised more than $285,000 on Kickstarter, attracted millions of views for a video about its toys, pre-sold more than a million dollars’ worth of products and won a Super Bowl advert slot. It’s just launched its follow-up to the original video, and this time it’s taking on the princess culture of the toyshop ‘pink aisle’

What We Like

It’s a clever Easter themed piece of content that tries to tackle gender stereotyping head on. A simple creative rooted in hard facts – declining interest in STEM amongst girls and the serious shortage of engineers in the U.S. despite engineering being the fastest growing job field


Crowdsourcing and social media is helping companies circumvent conventional wisdom about what their market wants. It’s also another example of how social purpose can make for cracking creative content