Tough Day at the Office


A job listing for a ‘director of operations’ at a company called Rehtom appeared online with a brutal list of requirements – including 135 to unlimited hours per week, no holiday allowance and no salary. Despite millions of views (and perhaps unsurprisingly), only 24 people inquired about the position and were interviewed via webcam. Their real-time reactions are captured on film, as is their surprise when it’s revealed that the job described is already done by billions around the world: mums

What We Like

Attracting millions of views within days of being posted on YouTube, it’s a classic brand ‘gotcha’ video that only reveals itself to be a Mothers’ Day promotion for US card company American Greetings in the final few frames


Online content that is counterintuitive and builds intrigue and surprise continues to help brands reach that Holy Grail – a truly viral video