Bald brilliance


Brazilian cancer charity GRAACC has created the Bald Cartoons project to use popular children’s cartoons to help boost the self-esteem of young cancer patients. GRAACC has partnered with cartoons including Hello Kitty, Popeye, Peanuts and Garfield to create a series of clips and posters showing characters with their heads shaved – to help sufferers feel they’re not alone

What We Like

The campaign hangs off a simple message; that a child with cancer deserves to be seen just like any other child, and lets the powerful visuals do the talking. 91 per cent of Brazilians on social media – including the President – supported the campaign, giving it the sort of reach most can only dream of


The best campaigns involve the most basic of ingredients: a simple idea, a strong creative and a memorable message. Having highly shareable, viral content also helps of course