Special Delivery


As part of its ‘Your Wishes Delivered’ campaign UPS has made a special gesture – packaged up into a clever piece of Christmas-themed content – to make one of its biggest fans part of its team. 4 year old Carson’s milk intolerance means he can only drink a special type of formula, which is delivered several times a week by the same UPS driver. As a result of the bond they formed, Carson decided he wanted to be just like his friend ‘Mr Ernie’, and after his mother wrote to the company, they granted his wish

What We Like

‘Your Wishes Delivered’ is a campaign designed to invite the public to share their wishes for a person, organisation or cause during the Christmas holiday. For each one submitted the company will donate $1 to charity. It’s not a particularly original creative, but the advert has proved popular because it’s centred on Carson’s story, which ends with ‘Mr Ernie’ delivering a child-sized UPS truck to his protégé


The campaign shows how powerful responsive communications can be in giving brands a license to have a little fun. Personal stories like this can drive brand affinity and help companies show off their customer service credentials