Face-book Club


Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to read a book every two weeks as part of his ‘Year of the Book’ group set up on Facebook. By all accounts he has ‘found reading books very intellectually fulfilling’ – who would have thought? This is the latest instalment of Zuckerberg’s annual challenges where he crowd-sources his New Year resolutions from Facebook members

What We Like

In common with just a handful of other stellar brands, Facebook is able to rely on a charismatic CEO to personify its brand values. Here Zuckerberg is eating his own dog food (or living the brand if you prefer), relating to his customers directly while also promoting a very worthy goal for the New Year


PR is personal. We all know that consumer comms is now a two-way conversation but the best brands realise that a generic Twitter handle or Facebook account is not always enough. People relate to people – identify the most charismatic personalities in your leadership team and get them to socialise!