Nike Vision


In an effort to encourage users to ‘push themselves even harder in the coming year’, Nike has sent the 100,000 most active users of its Nike+ service a personalised one-minute motivational film. Titled ‘Your Year with Nike+’, the films are influenced by activities undertaken while using its service (the mind boggles) – going so far as to include such details from your year as whether or not it rained on any of your runs. Gripping stuff

What We Like

Personalisation is a much vaunted but rarely realised comms concept. Though IW questions the value of knowing whether it drizzled during one jog you had in 2014, we can see why some would l get a ‘kick’ out of this (see what we did there?)


The annual ‘your year in review’ video is becoming quite the trend for digital companies and – provided the personalised aspect is handled with care – is a great way to build brand loyalty. Content like this is best suited to reaching out to true believers already keen to listen and reinforcing those key messages