Range Against the Machine


Reebok has made a chicken the star of its latest brand campaign as it aims to encourage people to take a ‘free range’ approach to fitness. The Free Range film features a chicken escaping a battery farm and urges viewers to abandon their own exercise-barns-slash-gyms and challenge the ‘fitness culture status quo’. It’s all part of Reebok’s wider #LiveFreeRange initiative which saw its social media followers receive t-shirts printed with their individual New Year’s resolutions posts in egg-box shaped packs

What We Don't Like

It’s a fun, relatable creative but IW can’t help feeling that the plight of the poor battery hen has been somewhat exploited for a big brand’s gain. Some kind of charitable mechanic or partnership with a battery hen organisation would make us far more inclined to embrace this path to fitness freedom


If you’re going to do something, do it wholeheartedly. To drive trust, brands need to go above and beyond in demonstrating a set of values that sets them apart from the competition. This feels like a missed opportunity to do just that