Big Shoes to Fill


You know what they say – big feet, big shoe size. Now this isn’t a huge problem for most people but it is if you only fit size 21 shoes and you are a rugby player. Such was the predicament of one Carl Griffiths, a Welsh amateur player who had despaired of ever getting a pair of boots that would fit him. Step in Adidas, which not only made him a bespoke pair of boots but got Welsh legend Sam Warburton to courier them over

What We Like

This lovely and simple tactic stems from a nice bit of reactive real-time press office work supplemented by an appropriate use of star power. PR 101 really


This piece of work shows just how much can be achieved through getting the basics right – just like the game of rugby itself in fact. You don’t need to do anything flashy; just identify the right opportunities and make the most of them