Keeping up with Clippy


Just the other day IW was bemoaning the retirement of Clippy, the not-so-helpful-but-persistent Microsoft Office paperclip, and then – suddenly – he was back. This week Clippy made a special cameo on Microsoft’s new calendar app Sunrise for what was later revealed as an April Fools’ related appearance

What We Like

His sweet refrain – ‘remember when we used to write letters together?’ Not really Clippy, but we missed your incessant chatter just the same. It might not have been the most creative of this year’s pranks but it made people smile, and played cleverly on criticism that Microsoft’s acquisition of the app would change it for the worse


April Fools’ Day is an easy hook for brands to show off a bit of creative flair, but as long as you’re prepared to poke fun at yourself don’t worry about making it too complex or clever