Delicious Sounds


High-end American takeaway service, Munchery, is offering customers something a little different. As well as providing well-balanced, tasty and nutritious meals to its discerning customers, for a short time only Munchery is also offering to pair music with meals to make the dining experience even better. So, for example, diners chowing down on Munchery’s grilled chicken and broccolini will be able to listen to a mix called ‘Sunny Patio Vibes’. The tunes are provided by Google Play, which is partnering on the initiative

What We Like

While the playlists don’t sound like IW’s cup of tea (it’s Clown Core all the way here) you have to admire Munchery for coming up with an idea to differentiate itself in a very crowded takeaway market. This is also much needed exposure for Google Play, which operates in a similarly crowded space – it certainly beats spamming customers with U2’s latest dreck


We live in a jaded world where anything that can be done increasingly is done. One way to come up with something new is to mix things up in surprising cross-sensory experiences, so long as the execution still relates back to the end product