Back to the Trainer


We couldn’t let Back to the Future day pass without at least one shout out for a Marty McFly inspired stunt. OK, Back to the Future day was yesterday, but let’s forget that for a moment and instead pay homage to Nike, which presented Michael J Fox with his very own pair of self-lacing trainers. We have known for a while that Nike had put these things into manufacture (they will be available next year), but this bit of celeb endorsement was perfect. Michael tweeted a video of himself becoming the first ever person to wear a pair of the self-tying shoes

What We Like

Life imitating art and a self-fulfilling prophesy in one – what’s not to like? IW also loves the fact that proceeds from the sale of this limited edition shoe will go to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research


If you have an opportunity as good as this one to promote your brand be bold. Nike has prepared perfectly for the 21st October 2015, thrown a huge chunk of money at the campaign and has come up trumps