Bowie down to the Master

A few words from IW on the death of one of the world’s greatest creatives.

Constantly innovating, always original, and never afraid to push boundaries, the late David Bowie showed at every stage of his career that, no matter how loved your image might be, there’s never a reason to hold onto it – especially if it prevents you from saying what you want to say.

His consistent fearlessness meant he always carried the media with him, setting the agenda and remaining consistently credible – and loved – even during projects that sometimes received little acclaim.  And in those brief periods when his work underwent criticism? It was always on his terms, and not those set by the press.

He forced the media and music-loving public to see that his constant desire to innovate was part of his brilliance; and even if a particular work didn’t resonate with all of them, at least it was never dull. For this reason, both groups consistently looked forward to what he would do next – his creative restlessness was a constant warning of the dangers of sitting on the laurels of previous successes.

Simon Pegg got it right with his words, “If you’re sad today just remember that the world is over four billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie”. Let’s be grateful we did, and use the news of the death of this great man to remind ourselves that life’s too short for making anything that could be considered mediocre or dull.