Ariana Grande


Consumers who enjoy the experience of sitting in a Starbucks café are now able to recreate it in their own homes thanks to a collaboration with Spotify. It’s been made possible to link the Spotify and Starbucks apps – allowing consumers to identify, and save for later listening, any tune playing whilst they sip a coffee in store

What We Like

This is a great way for fans to extend the ‘Starbucks experience’. Brewing up a Starbucks coffee in a branded faux-takeaway cup in your own home is already possible, so recreating its playlists is a logical next step. For added authenticity, IW hopes next years’ version includes a button that allows you to hear your name shouted out incorrectly


In a world of single origin, naturally and organically sourced – where everything’s handpicked by a holy-monk on the side of some South American mountain – the stories and experiences surrounding your brand have added importance. Consumers care, and talking about them allows wider conversation than is afforded by purely taking about the end product