Fun After Dark


Apple tasked photographers across the globe with chronicling the events of a single evening – bringing to life all the incredible things which can be seen after dark – in order to show-off the tasty new low-light capabilities of its latest iPhone camera

From Icelandic ice-caverns which looked to be lifted from pages of storybooks you read as child, to the aching neon only familiar to those of us who hit late night bars – all the grime & glory of earth after dark was captured– with the best of the images course being used as part of an updated version of its successful “shot on iPhone” billboard campaign, coming later in 2017

What We Like

The imagery released so far is impressive – not because everything shown is particularly beautiful (at leas t not in the traditional sense) – but rather because it was captured in a beautiful way. It reminds IW the power a simple image has – and although IW’s loath to spout clichés – at the difference using an authentic one can make to how you view product