Innovation’s on the Tabel




Google, the tech-giant which somehow seems to find the time to still act a bit like a start-up, has launched another one of its famed experiments. This time its created Table, a short 360-degree film, which takes place in the garden of a swanky restaurant.

IW reckons the blurb Google has written describing the film is worthy of a Palme D’or all of its very own, and so we’re including a snippet of that below:

“Tonight is a very special night and you, the viewer are lucky enough to have found a last minute seat at Tabel Restaurant, one of the most exclusive farm-to-table restaurants around. Unfortunately, Tabel has serious problems in the kitchen. The waiter is exceptional at hiding these problems but the influential patrons of the restaurant are slowly catching on to the ripening catastrophe that is so obviously escalating around them. Will anyone take action to save the restaurant and themselves?”

What We Didn't Like

The production values, as you might expect from such a producer, were absolutely stellar. From the overall feel of the visuals, to the overall quality of the sound, everything was top notch. But frankly, that didn’t stop it being a little dull…the wonder of the medium soon wearing thin thanks to an equally threadbare narrative.

For IW this film is a reminder that in a world which is becoming used to seeing or partaking in technological experiences which only a few years ago would have been the stuff of science fiction – technology itself is not enough (in and of itself) to carry an idea.

Telling a solid story is essential if you want people to care – and that applies to all storytellers (no matter the medium they’re working in).