Beer Me Up, Scotty!


Heineken targeted visitors to Amsterdam with personalised beer. Essentially, all travellers to the city had to do was click on a relevant banner ad when surfing, and opt in to providing their flight data. Once done, a unique beer began to be brewed for them.

Intrepid explores could then pick this unique beer up from Heineken’s Amsterdam brewery, which was waiting for them alongside a map of the city tailored to their own unique interests.

What We Like

IW’s a big fan of beer. We imagine the target demographic of online savvy twenty something’s does too. Of course, we’re also impressed with how brave Heineken had to be to let the world of digital be the only entry point to personalisation – there’s clearly a considerable amount of investment to this idea and it could have been tempting to switch up the channel through which entry was possible to something more mainstream.

Quality of interaction was clearly on the brain here though – something more mass focused campaigns will sometimes struggle to provide.