Siri-ously rocking


Siri, the eerily calm little voice in every Apple fan-boy and girl’s heads, is capable of great feats. This hasn’t always been translated in Apple’s advertising before, so what better way to show us what she’s got than with wrestling legend, acting hero, philanthropic paragon and all round great guy, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

In a 3.45 minute advert dressed up as a movie on Apple’s YouTube channel, the spot shows just how far Siri can reach. She proves to be the doting mother, helpful sister, and thoughtful friend you may have been missing in your life; reminding you of your life goals and plans, organising Lyfts, even snapping selfies and connecting FaceTime for you.

The tagline ‘Dominate the Day’ goes to show all you can achieve in 24 hours with your handy pal by your side. Bet your paper diary can’t tell you how many ounces there are in a centilitre.

What We Like

The Rock. He is his own phone background. A French chef asks him what’s cooking. He’s on the cover of Modern Guru as the ‘new face of enlightenment’. One of his ‘life goals’ is to defeat the video game version of himself. He is not the hero we deserve, but IW are so glad he’s here.

Aside from IW’s love of Dwayne, the advert was shot expertly and captivatingly, and tapped into Dwayne’s personal brand of working hard to achieve your goals expertly. It’s a funny and concise way to show what Siri is capable of, without banging you over the head with it.

The one thing IW would say though, is that there is no way his battery would have lasted the whole day… Also, not au-fait with the rules of space-travel, but he’d probably have had to chuck on airplane mode.