Canada: Free AF


In a world where discrimination and hatred seem to be the buzzwords of the day, it’s always a pleasure to find a little haven of happiness and love.

To celebrate Canada 150, the Canadian Centre of Diversity and Inclusion created a NSFW, catchy and folksy ditty to go alongside a series of offbeat Canuck characters going about their freedom-loving lives.

Reminiscent of Metro Trains Melbourne’s Dumb Ways To Die PSA from 2012, it serves an important message during a time where everywhere seems fraught with intolerance; let’s all be a little more accepting and celebrate our freedoms.

What We Like

Move aside Despacito, there’s a new banger this summer.

The overarching message in this ad is that “though [we] might think different, [we] don’t think each other suck, because when we’re free to be ourselves then we’re free… AF”, and ain’t that just lovely? We’re all diverse, some of us may wear tinfoil hats, some of us might be atheist, heck, some of us might even speak French, but we’re all people and we can all do with being a little more accepting.

IW have been humming this tune all week, the song is undeniably melodius, and the cartoons fit splendidly with the anti-discriminatory message. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate our diversity, and highlight that it’s ok to be different. Plus, IW would definitely go watch one of Konjit’s gigs filled with eclectic expletives.