The Rise of Brunch

IW’s heard it’s all systems go with pitches at the moment. Not for us of course, our job is simply to comment on all the incredible creativity on offer from the worlds of marketing and PR… not come up with it.

Anyway, we were thinking about this over a leisurely brunch today (you know how late journalists get up… can you imagine how late a journalist with as specific a remit as ours wakes? On some days, we might as well be dead). And we reckoned some of you may be hungry for some cultural insight that may help you shape the odd campaign or two over the next little while.

IW’s a doer, and so we of course followed up on this. But as our minds were also on the plate in front of us at the time, all the insight we’re sharing happens to be on brunch. Good thing it’s turned into a massive cultural-phenomena, particularly popular amongst millennials, and a great hook a variety of brands could use to promote. Check out some thoughts below…


Breaking free from its traditional remit, the breakfast/brunch occasion has morphed into a ubiquitous, diverse and surprising experience; inspiring a canvas of creativity from chefs, food developers and restaurateurs. Meanwhile, grab-and-go options are being elevated with stylish packaging and premium ingredients.


  • Millennials are ditching traditional mealtimes to eat what they want, when they want it, instead of sticking to rigid mealtime schedules
  • The monumental rise of leisurely weekend brunch – an antidote to the grab-and-go weekday breakfast experience – has seen the occasion become increasingly diverse. From bottomless breakfasts to brunch parties, a celebratory mood now permeates this mealtime.
  • Around-the-World Influences: Brunch spots in Europe, the US and Australia are taking influences from global cuisines to create surprising dishes for the brunch table.
  • Thanks to the time-starved nature of modern lifestyles, the ritual of sitting down to eat breakfast at home has dwindled, especially during the working week. As a result, the on-the-go breakfast market is set to grow by 46% by 2026 (Future Market Insights, 2016).