Hulu Ween


Live-streaming service and Netflix rival Hulu has launched ‘The Haunted House’, a six-part anthology series which uses a combination of VR, interviews with horror-stars, and a spooktacular take on the Christmas Yule log to bring a narrative to life for its audience.

Each part of the anthology kicks-off with a short film (watchable on Hulu) which is set in a unique haunted house, with additional digital content launched shortly afterwards supporting this main story in various ways.

It’s part of the brands desire to challenge what TV can be free from the constraints brought from traditional broadcast.

What We Like

Seeing Hulu be prepared to fully-embrace what it means to truly experiment with what TV can be in the 21st century.  Brands like this have upended an entire market in recent years – and we love seeing that spirit shine through in its comms.