Strange Games


To promote the second season of its smash-hit, Stranger Things, Netflix leaned into the retro-cool the show is known for, and created a mobile-game which looked as if it could have launched the very year the TV-show is set.

That’s right, ‘Stranger Things: The Game’ is free to play adaptation of the show available on both iOS and Android, and heavily features the distinct visual style, and music, games from the decade were known for.

Both fans of the show, and those who haven’t seen it yet (IW refuses to believe there are any other categories than those) have praised it as addictive and fun to play – which has ensured the 8-bit inspired title has seen real word of mouth traction across social media (in addition to numerous articles in more traditional titles keen to show off its nostalgia-inducing look)

What We Like

The success of this activity rested on creating something which people actually wanted to play – and IW’s impressed that Netflix managed to get this right.

On top of that, there was a real link to the show across the board. The ‘80s aesthetic’ is something which has drawn people to watch, and IW likes seeing that brought to its marketing materials – as it’s more than something pretty to look at… it’s something which helps ‘build the world’ of the brand and show.