Netflix & Chills!


Netflix asked a simple question on its Twitter feed, and sparked quite the conversation in response. That’s right, the brand behind parties being blown off everywhere this Christmas season wanted to know: ‘to the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?’

Twitter users were split in their response. Veering between either loving the serious shade being thrown at lovers of this particular camp chrimbo classic. Or questioning whether there was something actually quite creepy about Netflix being able to share viewing data to such a precise degree. 

After a few tongue in cheek exchanges from the brand on the subject, most of its fans netted out on it coming from a good place. And that 18 times, is honestly, probably, too many times to be watching that movie in a row.

What We Like

As recent efforts from the likes of Spotify go to show, the potential for data-led campaigns is almost limitless, and a lot more fun than the term might suggest.

Key to consumers being accepting of this kind of campaign though ultimately rests on how intimate the data shared is. And which brand is doing it. When trendier brands known for a tone of voice which positions them pretty much as ‘one of the squad’ engage in this kind of practice… it can add to the feeling they understand you (not a bad thing if half its offering is based on providing you with recommendations).

If that’s not your brand however, and you generally have to do a little more legwork to take part in cultural conversations of this type? You may want to think twice.