Star Wars


Jackets designed to look like various uniforms featured in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back went on sale and flew off the shelves shortly after – providing clothing manufacturers Columbia with a blockbuster amount of column inches in the process.

Clothing from the Columbia brand is known for its quality and toughness – and partnering wth Star Wars on a collection of winter jackets ‘tested tough in a galaxy far, far away’ was a clever way of talking about its heritage here, and the various ‘sci-fi-fi quality’ technologies found in its modern wares.

On top of all that, Star Wars fans clearly thought the look of each of the jackets was on point. As the Luke jacket sold out in 5 minutes 22 seconds, the Han parka in 6 minutes 23 seconds, and the Leia jacket in 7 minutes 5 seconds.

What We Like

Leveraging excitement surrounding a cultural property is nothing new for brands. But, like the ancient power of the force, continues to be an effective tool. Provided its harnessed in the right way.