OK CUPID has reimagined what the ‘F’ in DTF could (or should) stand for, in a piece of above the line advertising so striking it’s gotten editorial media talking.

Each of OK CUPID’s suggestions for what the ‘F’ in the phrase could mean for modern-day daters featured in its own tongue in cheek poster and was written in a bold and attractive typeface, alongside an equally bold and attractive image of millennial bringing it to life in a funny way.

Everything from ‘down to feel fabulous’, to ‘down to Farmer’s Market’, to ‘down to fire up the kiln’ featured in the campaign – reflecting the modern face of dating and the truth about what we really think is most important in a partner.

What We Like

Being reminded of the fact that the lines between the worlds of advertising and PR long ago blurred – and that content which has been created based on real human truths will always get people talking.