Pass NY, Collect Cash


Since launching in 1935 Monopoly has expanded from simply being playable ‘face-to-face’ on a physical board in front of you, to being playable on mobile, games consoles, and via the internet. And now the famous family-dividing game is getting it’s very own pop-up shop.

Hasbro and gaming-app Lucktastic are creating a Monopoly-themed ‘game show experience’ at a pop-up in New York. The event, taking place on January 5th, will be broadcast live on Facebook as players are encouraged to roll the dice to win Lucktastic merchandise and gift cards. They will also gain access to an “unlock code” for five chances to win $100.

What We Like

This event brings to life the core of what’s great about the Monopoly experience in a really novel way (and we’re referring to good-old fashioned competition of course). It’s unlikely the average consumer won’t have heard of the game – and so it makes sense for Hasbro to focus on reminding consumers as to what made them fall in love with the game in the first place.

IW’s also a fan of how Facebook has been integrated into the activity – showing us that in 2018 there really is no reason for those able to take part to be limited by physical location.