Bitcoin Bucket


KFC launched the ‘bitcoin bucket’ – a $20 bucket of chicken available for purchase online with bitcoin.

The brands move into the “crypto-chicken” space comes in spite of it admitting it has no real idea of how bitcoins work (IW is right there with KFC on that) – and without the bitcoin twist adding anything to the product other than a funky name and new method of purchase.

That didn’t stop it selling out in a matter of hours however. Either there were some very hungry Canadian bitcoin traders out there – or KFC has provided us with a real insight into the demographic of those who are comfortable using crypto-currencies – and not just talking about them.

What We Like

This was a truly digital idea – and not becacuse of the bitcoin. At core, KFC has continued the long PR tradition of creating an absurd product that gets people talking. It’s just that in this case the product they were really creating was a tongue in cheek website, in addition to a host of GIFs and images in support, which could be shared in conversations on social media.