Kentucky Fried Cocktails? It’s all Gravy.


We always love the gimmicks KFC put out there but this one in particular has really impressed the IW team. At a time of the year when alcohol is almost seen as an uncool topic of discussion, due to the number of people taking part in Dry January, KFC went against the grain by creating three new cocktail recipes that made use of its Finger Lickin’ Good gravy.
Inspired by the trend of ”stocktails’ (that’s craft cocktails beefed up with a meat broth and booze) KFC has re-designed three classic recipes with a Kentucky twist; The Gravy Mary, The Finger Lickin’Sour and The Southern Twist

What We Like

Being reminded that food trends like this will always, at the very least, intrigue consumers. And that these ideas tend to actually do better if more than a few people find the whole trend to ‘gross them out’ . Brands talk a big game about wanting to spark authentic conversation – this is certainly one way to do it.