Winging Formula


Being one of the global elites (in terms of fried chicken), KFC threw the nation into a frenzy like no other when they announced that they had ran out of their key ingredient – chicken.

Of course, this caused much distress around the country, with one particular chicken lover even being forced to get her evening meal from *gulps* Burger King due to the crazy shortage.

And with the threat of the business losing up to £1million a day along with thousands of upset customers – KFC really pulled it out of the bucket in terms of how it responded to the crisis.

On top of sharing some hilariously honest tweets about how absurd it was for a chicken shop to run out of chicken, the brand also took out a candid poster in print.

The honest and humorous ad simply showed an image of an empty KFC chicken bucket with the fast-food chains letters rearranged to instead spell ‘FCK’. A  blunt but very honest apology from the company accompanied the pic, with the copy simply reading ‘We’re sorry’ for the shortage. Something the brand put down to a swap in suppliers.



What We Like

KFC took this awkward situation and turned it into a laughable moment in British culture, which IW think may have actually had some positive effects on the business in terms of brand love. A simple ad spawned a huge amount of news articles and social media channels were filled with the nation’s love for KFC and their heart-breaking stories surrounding the shortage.

The chicken seems to be making its return to restaurants and customers are getting their finger lickin’ fix – overall, we think KFC did pretty clucking well with this crisis!