Electrifying the Conversation


A recent tweet from Usain Bolt reminded IW of the unique double-whammy of buzz, and then yet more buzz, the best ‘bait and switch’ stunts can provide for your story.

The legendary ‘track and makes-all-opposition-yield’ star posted on Twitter that he had recently signed with a football team, and that users should return to his feed at a specific date and time to find out which one.

To understate his reputation, Bolt is considered a bit of an athletic all-rounder. So, speculation naturally turned to which club he could possibly have signed to, rather than the veracity of his tweet.

Which made Bolt’s later announcement that the team in question was Soccer Aid World XI, a charity team filled with celebs, that plays in an annual match for UNICEF, that much more surprising. Leading to many more eyes on the charity-fundraiser than could have been managed with a simple ‘I’m involved tweet’.

What We Like

It’s a fun, simple stunt, that made effective use of its influencer. It’s genuinely believable for an athlete of Bolts calibre to have the luxury of moving between the top-flight of two separate sports (or at least it seemed so to those armchair pundits amongst us willing to throw their two pence into the twittesphere) – and so there was something for fans to actually speculate on.

Without fans having enough to comment on, conversation could never have reached the ‘fever-pitch’ volume required for the eventual reveal to have had impact. It simply wouldn’t have worked with a C-List popstar, as the only options fans could have discussed would likely have been charity teams, or Barnsley FC, in the first place. (Sorry Barnsley).

So IW like the idea. But loves the way the brand made it happen.