Long Live the Queen!


A five year-old girl asked a member of creative-agency FCB why a King is always ‘better than a Queen’ in cards, and inspired a brand-new set of rules for age-old games as a result.

That’s right, the agency partnered with Unibet to create ‘Queens Rules’. A new way to play cards where Queens outrank Kings, and age-old traditions are flipped on their head in the process.

Alongside the fully-updated card-playing rulebook (which put Queens at the top of the pile and explained how the changes affected the game), FCB released a range of playing cards featuring 16 powerful women.

What We Like

Card games such as poker are often male-focused in their communications,and this campaign helps to break the mould and breathe a breath of fresh air into the industry.

A credible partnership with Unibet allowed this campaign to reach a younger, and more predominantly male audience which helps to directly change perceptions.