Good Enough to Eat


The next step in portable music technology has arrived. That’s right, after vinyl, cassette, CD, and streaming comes… Kellogg’s?

No, IW hasn’t forgotten to finish our usual Monday cup of java. Rather, teen-boyband PRETTYMUCH (a Simon Cowell managed outfit) has teamed up with Kellogg’s to release their latest single ‘Hello’ on a vinyl-style record made entirely from chocolate frosted flakes.

It’s been created to draw attention around a recent award-nomination for the band, and to get Kellogg’s in front of an important teen-audience. And works in exactly the same way as a ‘normal’ vinyl record (where the needle of a record player dips in and out of grooves carved into the surface of a record to create sound). A mixture of frosted flakes and chocolate was pressed into a 3D mould and then carved with the necessary grooves to create the effect.

What We Like

In spite of how ‘weird’ this activation seems at first glance, IW loves that it’s clearly based on a human truth. Teens love sugary breakfast cereal (and many, equally sugary music). So it’s a match made in heaven.

Oh, and IW would be remiss if we didn’t call out our love of the delicious phrase: taking the band ‘from the turntable, to the breakfast table’ that accompanied many of the campaigns assets. Give that copywriter a medal. Or at the very least, a bowl of chocolate frosted flakes.