Deadpool 2, Featuring Celine Dion


Deadpool is no stranger to the trending topics on Twitter or the front page of Adweek. This time, to promote the upcoming release of Deadpool 2, the character has teamed up with his most unlikely partner yet: Celine Dion.

In the music video for her new song, Ashes, which is part of the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, Celine Dion gives a beautifully emotive performance on stage – only to be overshadowed by the grace and elegance of Deadpool dancing in heels.

What We Like

The video reached the top trending spot on YouTube, and the Deadpool marketing team has outdone itself once again.

Why have they been so successful? It boils down to two simple things, really. Know your brand, and know your audience. They’ve managed to extend the irreverence and the charm of the movie’s comedy into their marketing flawlessly, and they feed it to their audience in a new and unexpected way every time.

Bravo, Deadpool. Truly a superhero of marketing.