Welcome to The Met


The annual Met Gala, themed “Heavenly Bodies” this year, is one of the most secretive events in the world, allowing no photography or media inside. Sounds counterintuitive, in today’s day of social media oversharing.

Instead, The Met teamed up with Vogue Magazine and paired renowned director Bardia Zeinali with dancer Mette Towley to choreograph and capture unique content with some of the biggest names at the event, in their finest attire, in front of the exhibits.

What We Like

The result was stunning. Rather than a barrage of paparazzi and smart phone photos of varying qualities, all of the content coming out of the event was elegant and beautiful, and served to build the Met brand in a controlled fashion.

Capturing and controlling content in this dynamic and shareable way made it stand out from every other event’s red carpet pictures, and therefore reach more people. The YouTube video of the content, which was first posted on Instagram, garnered nearly 1 million views in just a day.

Are all of our clients able to work with world-renowned directors, dancers and celebrities? Of course not. But one thing we can all do is elevate our content to stand out from our competitors – which The Met did in stunning fashion.