Gun Sharing is Caring


Unless you’ve been literally living under a rock, you know gun control is one of the hottest topics of debate in America. It’s been talked to death hundreds of times over. So how does the Brady Center, in partnership with agency The Escape Pod, break through the clutter with a new message for its newly proposed gun control policies?

In Chicago, they launched a Metro Gun Share Program. Inspired by the ubiquitous bike share programs across the country, the ‘Gun Share’ isn’t real – but it does have a real message: guns are too easy to obtain.

Alongside the stunt, consumers could find messaging about the Brady Center, information on the proposed policies and iPads to donate on the spot.

What We Like

It’s not hard to cause a stir about gun control. What’s a bit more difficult, however, is finding a new way to reach audiences that hasn’t been done before, and this campaign does so brilliantly.

The Metro Gun Share Program draws upon a well-known comparison to engage consumers who come across it, and the campaign was so visually arresting it was picked up all across social media as well.