Fresh Idea


Will Smith, literal pop-culture royalty, has been spotted chatting with customers in a UK Boots store. For our international readers, Boots is a UK pharmacy/convenience store that’s a bit of a one-stop-shop for all those things you tend to forget when making a bigger shop.

Before you ask. No, the Fresh Prince wasn’t there after making a wrong turn on the way to Pinewood studios. Instead he was fronting a campaign aimed at promoting his son Jaden’s eco-friendly water brand ‘JUST water’. It’s a mineral water which comes in a bottle made from 82% renewable materials, so customers can grab a bottle safe in the knowledge that their conscience can remain guilt-free.

What We Like

IW loves Will Smith. So really we feel that’s all we have to say on this one. But if pressed, we’d also draw attention to the stellar content produced as part of the campaign. It was shot using a phone, and the joke still worked (in spite of a vertical perspective that would usually have us reeling).