Hot Topic


‘Are you hot enough for our underwear’ might at first seem like a shaming-style slogan that could have come from any number of brands that hasn’t yet woken up to the realities of 21st century life.

In actual fact it’s being used  to promote a range of temperature regulating underwear that’s specifically been designed for women undergoing the menopause – and tackle the stigmas they face.

Of course it doesn’t start and end with a poster, as the brand is using the tagline as a part of a hunt to secure a new ‘face’ for its product – and sharing the real stories of women over 40 as part of the activity too. In the brands own words, they’ve chosen the bold approach to help ‘redefine what it means to be hot’.

What We Like

IW always loves a campaign that subverts expectations. If you want to cut through, this is a great way to do it.