Toying With An Idea


One of the purest joys of being a child is constructing a small car out of LEGO, and driving it round the living room as if you’re taking one of the world’s most desirable sports cars for a spin. With LEGO’s latest creation, you’ll no longer have to imagine.

That’s because the brand has created what can only be described as the largest toy car on earth. A fully drivable, 1:1, complete recreation of the renowned Bugatti Chiron… constructed entirely from LEGO parts.

IW would be prepared to follow the instructions on this one. All we need is for LEGO to hand them over. And maybe a tad larger a collection of pieces than we have sitting in our cupboard from the various Star Wars sets we’ve completed in the past.

What We Like

It showcases exactly what the brand needs it to. That the only limits on its product are your imagination (well, and perhaps time, patience, and total amount you own. But you get what they mean).

And is, simply, a fantastic way of reminding people of the sense of wonder the brand is able to generate with its projects.