Hate Couture


Haters gonna hate. But they don’t have to.

To raise awareness of the issue of online bullying, fashion-brand Diesel has partnered with a host of celebs to create a new line called ‘Hate Couture’. The collection features the worst online comments each of the celebs its partnered with has ever received prominently on the item of clothing created. Consumers can even get in on the action and create a personalised item for themselves – with all proceeds making their way to an online bullying charity.

The idea behind the collection is that ‘the more hate you wear, the less you care’ – basically, by allowing people to ‘own’ the hateful remarks people have received by transforming them into items of high-fashion the brand aims to strip them of their power.

What We Like

This is authentic empowerment. Great fashion does have the power to make a statement, a brand taking the initiative and helping people make one for good is always welcome.