Scarily Good


Burger King has launched a new burger in honour of the spooky season. Dubbed ‘The Nightmare King’ it promises to be a scarily good meal – and the brand means that in the most literal way imaginable.

The ingredients selected to be included in the limited-time burger were chosen based on the likelihood of them to give you nightmares – with the brand partnering with a sleep institute to prove it in a fun piece of content that accompanied the launch of the burger.

100 members of the public were invited to try the burger in clinical conditions, with their sleep activity monitored throughout the night. Interviews with participants the next morning revealed BK to have been successful in their mission – many reported having nightmares.

What We Like

IW’s fairly certain that if we’d have partaken in this particular ‘clinical study’ we’d have had nightmares regardless of what ingredients the Nightmare King burger contained. At times, the video created to launch the burger looked as if it was shot in the type of hospital that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie. And the ‘doctor’ who provided those participating in the study with the meal did his level best to come across in as creepy a manner as possible.

It’s a sterling example of the great work that can be produced when you’re prepared to mess with your product.  And, as this is IW talking, the power of a decent pun in leading the way to a sterling idea…