Take a Paws


Classic FM has teamed up with the Battersea Dogs and Cats home and created its very first music program for pets. ‘Pet Sounds’ (no, not the Beach Boys album) will feature a series of particularly relaxing tunes – and launch on November 3rd, which is one of the busiest nights of the year for fireworks in the UK.

Research revealed that classical music was particularly good for soothing distressed animals – and so will be the perfect refuge for pets that need something to calm them down on one of the loudest nights of the year.

What We Like

It’s a smart way of Classic FM inserting its brand into the cultural conversation. In a way, if you will indulge IW, that ensures they’re not simply adding to the noise.

Outside of that of course, by now you should all have realised IW will feature pretty much any campaign that has a picture story featuring a cute animal. Not just because we like looking at cute-animals of course… but because it’s a great reminder that the media likes to do so too.