Taco Well Done


London’s iconic clocktower, Big Ben, (which Brits will never tire of telling you is actually the name of the bell housed within the tower, and not the tower itself) has been silent for the past few months. It’s quite old you see, and so a bit of renovation work has been going on to ensure that it doesn’t fall down any time soon. Throughout the work, the bell has been unable to ring.

Iconic American fast-food brand Taco Bell saw an opportunity to take advantage of its silence to generate some noise for the upcoming launch of its first ever London restaurants.

The brand fixed speakers to rickshaw bikes in the area around the bell and blasted out the famous ‘hour chimes’ that the local area was used to hearing until recently, and which it created by messing with its own signature bell sound until it approximated those distinctive bongs.

What We Like

It’s a great example of hacking the cultural landscape, and demonstrates that if you can find an appropriate area to step in to, a small spend can have a big impact.