Of Claws That’s A Thing


During the winter season, there are certain traditions familiar to all of us. Making gingerbread houses, eating perhaps a tad too much, and decorating our trees. There’s one tradition however, that you just don’t have a chance of experiencing unless you’re a cat owner. And that’s for your beloved feline friend to promptly begin wrecking your beautifully decorated tree mere moments after you’ve gotten it indoors, baubled up, and flicked those lights on.

But, if Argos has any say in the matter, that’s soon to be a thing of the past. It’s started selling Christmas trees specifically designed for cat owners you see, and these evergreens only have branches starting from the top third of its six -foot height. Meaning that all your tastefully placed decorations will be safe from those

What We Like

It’s a funny picture, that solves a real (albeit amusing) problem the public has, and are talking about. The fact that it’s actually on sale helps no end too – the brand is following through with helping solve the problem it’s identified.