Upper Yours


No matter where you are in the world – you may have heard in the news about a little thing called Brexit. The term is a in-no-way-forced-portmanteau (forced-manteau?) of the two words British Exit… from the European Union.

Recent research revealed that the cost of goods might be higher in the United Kingdom once all that gets sorted out. So, a group that’s keen on holding another vote in the hopes of stopping the whole shebang has launched a pop-up to bring that life to fact for people.

It’s dubbed ‘cost-upper’ (which for those of you who aren’t blighty-bound, is a name inspired by a budget supermarket chain well-known in the UK, called Costcutter). And sells pun-tastic takes on the UK’s favourite brands which all mention price hikes, and the economy. Things like ‘I can’t believe the price butter’ and ‘Vanishing Economy’.

What We Like

Politics aside, IW’s reminded of the power of humour to make a point. And that it’s a technique that’s not only limited to making trite ones.