The new year. As always, it brings with it the hope of a new you. And the knowledge that we’ll soon be seeing another new instalment in the mega-franchise that is the Avengers too. Which is why it’ll come as no surprise that in the closing months of last year Marvel released the first trailer promoting the upcoming monster-movie (it’s the perfect time of year to secure yourself some serious word of mouth, with all those meet ups with friends, families, and colleagues). What might come as a surprise is the clever way in which NASA took advantage of the news for its own benefit.

You see, in the trailer Tony Stark (who plays ‘Iron Man’ in the movie) can be seen floating in space, on a seemingly abandoned spaceship, running out of oxygen. Fan theories sprung-up across social media immediately on how he might get out of the situation. NASA joined in on the fun with a tweet of their own, which gave its perspective on how they would tackle the problem, stating they recommended that ‘ground teams use all resources to scan the skies for your missing man’.

What We Like

It’s reactive tweeting at its best. Nasa didn’t waste time (and risk missing the peak of conversation) by coming up with a convoluted plan on how it would tackle the problem in detail…although IW’s sure there may have been a bigger story available from an editorial perspective if they did. As it stand though, this is a great example of ensuring that perfect doesn’t become the enemy of good. Sometimes you just need to get ideas out there and see if they fly