Leading the Charge


Bud Light charged into the Superbowl-fray with a Game of Thrones partnership. This ad (the latest in its ‘dilly dilly’ series which places the iconic-brew in a medieval-esque setting) saw The Bud Knight face off against the Game of Thrones character ‘The Mountain’ in a joust – and end up headless, instead of his usual legless. (Regardless of whether you think that was a decent gag, IW was mandated to make it after we’d thought it up). Disaster continues for those watching the joust, as a dragon then appears to raze the whole stadium to the ground with a giant belch of fire.

What We Like

As GoT fans, we’ll take any excuse to ogle a CGI dragon – even in a delightfully absurd context. Thanks to its inclusion of a pun-based character in the form of The Bud Knight, this was always going to be a fave of the gang here at IW towers, but the fact that it successfully incorporated such a different world as Game of Thrones into a SNL-style sketch cemented its position at the number one spot.