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Shutterstock jumped on the conversation around the release of two documentaries documenting everything that went wrong with the infamous ‘Fyre festival’ to promote the breadth of stock video its got available on its platform.

For those of you who are unaware – the Fyre festival is the festival that never was. It launched itself with a beautiful video that featured models swimming on a beach, awesome looking parties, and a pig, for some reason. Selling itself as a summer event where the average jo could experience all of these things if they bought a ticket and showed up. That turned out to decidedly not be the case (with the actual festival being cancelled once customers had already started to arrive) – and as a result the video that launched the event to the world remains infamous. And thanks to the launch of two recent documentaries it had once again been pulled to the front of the public’s mind.

Shutterstock re-created this infamous video using only imagery from its vast library – an impressive feat in and of itself. And one which becomes even funnier to those who have seen the documentaries themselves. It was revealed that those involved with the Fyre festival spent considerable sums of money on the launch video (which could have been better spent elsewhere) – and Shutterstock is saying that they wouldn’t have had to, had they simply used the assets available on the Shutterstock site.

What We Like

It’s a cracking joke that leverages a zeitgeisty cultural touchstone. We also like that Shutterstock managed to up the ante on the original ad in a subtle way too. The pigs are swimming in this one.