IW’s sure we’ve all been there. Sat down at 9pm on a weekday watching one of your favourite shows, when suddenly your faced with something truly spectacular. No, not the nuanced character work of your latest prestige-drama addiction, but the décor of the living room the characters are hanging out in

Well, even if not, Ikea has recreated the living rooms seen in a cavalcade of shows across genres; using wares found on its shelves to do so. So, if you’ve ever wanted your living room to look exactly like the one in Stranger Things, or even The Simpsons, now you can.

What We Like

Cultural relevance is right at the heart of this one, and it’s simple too. The only thing is, they missed out the living room from The Big Bang Theory. Perhaps the style exhibited by the gang in that show was simply too bespoke to recreate?