Wes This Then?


Since the advent of the iPod giving us the chance to experience living life with a soundtrack almost 24/7, IW has enjoyed pretending that we’re the star of a pretty awesome indie movie. No, we’re not just grabbing a coffee; thanks to the sound of the latest acoustic-folk album by a bunch of dudes in braces and flat caps blasting away in our ears, we’re grabbing it with style.

We’re pleased then that Sunglasses brand Tens are taking things a step further with their latest stunt… releasing a pair of sunglasses that makes the world look like a Wes Anderson movie. That’s right, they’ve only gone and created a pair of glasses that changes the world so it looks like good old-Wes has spent time colour grading it.

IW for one can’t wait to get our hands on them.

What We Like

This is witty. And thanks to the GIFs and materials bringing the change in perspective the glasses give to life; no knowledge of Anderson’s movies are required in order for you to understand what’s gone on here.